Armor in profile

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Armor in profile - Nos. 1 - 24

Author: Stevenson Pugh

Publisher: Profile Publications Ltd

Year: 1968

Cover: Hard Cover

Description: Dit zijn de tot boek ingebonden nummers 1 - 24 van Armor in Profile. Het behandeld: Tank Mark IV, Panzerkampfwagen VL Tiger I, M.4 A3 E8 Sherman, T.3 Christie, Cromwell Mk.4, M.24 Chaffee, A7V Sturmpanzerwagen, Panzerkampfwagen IV (F2), T-34/76, Chenillette Laorraine, Light Tank Mk.VII Tetrarch, AMX.13, renault F.T., M 13/40, Infantry Tank Ml. II Matilda, Carden lloyd Mk. VI, M.3 Half-Track APC, Hanomag Sd.Kfz 251/1 APC, Tank Mark VIII, Panzerjäger Tiger (P) El;ephant, Su.85 and SU.100, Light Tank Type 95 Kyo-Go, Centurion 5, M.47 Patton.

Note: Engelstalig

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