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The online shop Aviation-Warbooks is specialized in wartime aviation-, Second World War and civil aviation books. Moreover we stock photographs, post cards, magazines, videos and CD-Roms about the First and Second World War, aviation and are available for swift delivery from our store.

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Aad Neeven is very much involved in collecting aviation and Second World War related documents and photographs. Over time he noticed that more and more people became interested in these subjects. Unfortunately there was no 'real' place to turn too. The problem for the collector was, and still is: "where can I buy these books?" We have solved this question. Right now we have about 10,000 new and second books, documents and memorabilia available for order.

Most of the time we have "hard to find", and "out of print" books, as well as used books in stock. As soon as new titles arrive we add them to the lists on our website. So please keep visiting our site on a regular basis if you want to know all about new -or antiquarian books. New books are often hard to find and also quite expensive if you have to order copies yourself from publisher's abroad. Now it is easy, you can buy almost any book directly from us. As special service we will try to locate it for you if we don't have it in stock. Just try !!

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This Month Highlights:

"We Gaan!"

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Vlucht KL4805, noodlot in de mist
€  14,50

Author: Roger Soupart/Kitty Nielsen


Through to the end

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487 (NZ) Squadron RAF
€  45,00

Author: David Palmer/Aad Neeven


The 250 (Airborne) Light Composite Company Royal Army Service Corps during the Battle of Arnhem, September 1944

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Part1: Company Headquarters and No. 1(C) Platoon
€  16,00

Author: Philip Reinders


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